Preventive examinations

Within the framwork of prevention, we offer to individuals and corporate clients a whole range of one-off comprehensive examinations, which may help reveal potential health problems.  In order to save time, we try to organise preventive examinations within two days at maximum.

If you pay a membership fee for some of our annual programmes of comprehensive care, you will receive prevention automatically as a part of the package of the services. An advantage is that the health problems that may be revealed are subsequently solved directly within a follow-up care in our clinics.

Carpal tunnel syndrome prevention programme for employers

The most frequent occupational disease is the carpal tunnel syndrome. According to the statistics, it accounts for 30% of the total number of occupational diseases. Based on these statistical data,  EUC Premium has prepared a new service for employers: screening examination of carpal tunnel using a mobile  EMG device diretly on the workplace. The examination method is non-invasive and painless. Carrying a mobile EMG device, which is actually a small computer equipped with diagnostic electrodes, a professionally trained medical staff show up for their appointment on the workplace. Using this device, they examine potentially damaged nerves in the area of carpal tunnel of selected employees directly on your workplace and results are then sent online to the medical specialist, who analyses them and, if needed, consults them with a neurologist. The examination results are forwarded to your contractual medical doctor specialized in occupational health services, who uses them as a basis for recommendation to the HR department how to proceed further. For more informance about this new service visit

Vaccination programmes for individuals and employers

We offer vaccination against various contagious diseases, both to individuals and to employers. We also organise vaccination directly on the workplace, especially in autumn season within the framework of vaccination against influenza. 

Health Days

For employers, we offer comprehensive half-day or whole-day undertakings focused on health, which take place directly on the workplace of our clients. Employees may attend seminars and workshops focused on health topics or undergo some examinations. These undertakings are an interesting inspiration for health care and are usually positively received by employees.

Examples from our offer of examinations and seminars:

  • Examination of eyesight by Vistec device, diagnosing shortsigntedness and longsightedness, color vision defficiency and peripheral vision loss
  • Dermatology consulting focused on skin cancer prevention
  • Indicative lab tests for level of glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides (lipids) in blood
  • Measurment of BMI and diet advising
  • Plantoscope examination of soles, foot sole arch and ankles
  • HandyMed – mobile EMG examination of nerves of carpal area
  • Ergonomic seminar
  • First aid training
  • Seminars on topics related with personality development

In cooperation with clients we also prepare other individual programmes customized to specific needs and topics.

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