High Quality of Care

EUC Premium is a health care centre offering to its clients a high quality of medical care. In our clinics in Prague and Brno with pleasant and courteous atmosphere you will find general practioneers, paediatricians and a lot of medical specialists. Under one roof, we will provide you comperhensive outpatient care, which is moreover well organised. Making an appointment is easy, in the waiting room your will spend just a minimum time, examinations are logically linked to one another. Our staff can speak several languages. In our surgeries you will meet experienced medical doctors and helpful approach. Our care also includes various optional services like home visits by a GP. Everything is arranged so that also very busy and demanding clients are satisfied.

Our services:

  • general practitioner, paediatrician and other 20 medical specialisations
  • high level of medicine and equipment
  • individual and courteous approach
  • appointment easy to make, minimum waiting time
  • round-the-clock service of consulting with the MD
  • home visits by a GP in case of acute care
  • normal surgery hours from 7 to 19 o´clock
  • arrangement of care outside our clinics also possible

Both for corporations and for families

Our services are sough both by employers, who incorporate the premium medical care in the system  of its employee benefits, and by families and individuals, who want to be sure that they will be really well cared for and for whom the time is one of key values. 

Choose the scope of premium services

Our premium medical care is provided on the basis of annual membership fee. You can choose from three programmes, which include various scope of exclusive health care services. A condition for the membership is a normal health insurance valid for citizens of the Czech Republic or insurances for foreigners with the General Halth Insurance (VZP).