Everything the law requires from you

Our occupational health services (OHS) are provided in full scope in compliance with valid legislation. They include especially the following:

  • occupational health examinations
  • supervision over work environment
  • first-aid trainings
  • professional advising

Our OHS are provided with professional diligence and in compliance with legislation

On the Czech market, we are the biggest provider of health care services for employers. We have more than 800 contratual partners in 450 locations all over the Czech Republic and background of more than twenty-year experience. Our clients include the biggest employers on the market.

Our strengths

  • the widest network of owr own surgeries and contractual doctors in the republic
  • unique know-how supported by twenty-year experience
  • capacities of our own clinics  in Prague and in Brno with all facilities needed
  • customized services, tailor-made to your needs and requirements
  • vast experience of  occupational health care practice 

Extra care beyond the requirements of the law

The company EUC Premium also offers extra medical care beyond requirements of the law.  It includes preventive programmes, thanks to which you may reduce costs of sick leave of your employees with a long-term view, and also premium medical care offered by companies as a part of employee benefits. 

  • Preventive programmes
  • Premium medical care

Occupational health examinations

OHS duties without worries

  • Sophisticated organisation 
    Occupational health examinations, which are the most volumenous part of occupational health services, mean a lot of duties for employers. Therefore, we try to organise them so    that our clients are bothered by them as little as possible. At the beginning of our cooperation, we set up a system of examinations with respect to health hazards connected with the specific work to be done by the employees and the character of their specific workplace and organise the examinations in our clinics so that employees don´t waste their working time. We can also save time of human resources departments and keep an eye on appointments for periodic examinations.
  • The biggest OHS specialist 
    We have twenty-year experience of OHS. Our occupational health examinations are carried out both in our clinics in Prague and Brno, employing more than 800 general practitioners, and through our contractual partners, the number of which is about 800 all over our republic. Within the framework of OHS, we also provide special examinations by medical doctors specialized in hazardous work, according to the applicable legislation. Our clients include big banks or car manufacturers, but we are helpful to smaller employers as well.
  • Real protection of health
    Occupational health examinations in our concept are not just a formality. Our physicians carry them out with professional diligence, in accordance with valid legislation and always with respect to specifics of the workplace concerned, so that the health of employees is really protected and the risk of legal consequences of occupational health problems is minimised.
  • Law abiding principle
    You can rely on our system of examinations, because it is always set up to meet the valid legal norms.
  • Professional background
    In our teams there are experts with deep knowledge of OHS matters. Our professional guarantor responsible for OHS, MUDr. Jiří Vytlačil, is a medical specialist with expertise and many-year experience. Before working for EUC Premium, he held the position of the Head Hygiene Inspector for the city of Prague.

Supervision over workplace environment

Knowledgeable assessment of workplace hazards and subsequent recommendation of changes therein may protect health of people and save a lot of costs of medical treatment or potential penalties for nonobservance of regulations.  Our experts are thoroughly familiar with occupational health issues and legislation background and provide their services all over the Czech Republic.

In our team of specialists there is also a sworn expert on measurment and assessment of workplace hygiene, namely RNDr. Vladimír Marek, who has many-year experience of executive positions in occupational health sector at the Regional Hygiene Station and Medical Institute.

OHS expert advising

Occupational health topic is a specific field with frequent changes in legislation. Our team of experts having many-year experience of OHS and thorough expertise will be available for your needs.

What are the most frequent demands of our clients? 

  • requirement for optimisation of workplace ergonomie 
  • cooperation in workplace design, construction or reconstruction 
  • to set up employees´ drinking regime or rehabilitation programme
  • elaboration of a plan for solution of emergencies on the workplace 

First aid training

First aid trainings on the workplace are carried out by an experienced paramedic in the form of a seminar of practical training or in a shortened version it is carried out by a specialist within the framework of workplace supervision. In an attractive way, your employees will learn:

  • first-aid principles
  • first aid provided by a layman before a MD arrives
  • aid provided to injured
  • first aid using instruments   

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