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Popular questions

Can I show up in the clinic without any appointment?

If you have an acute health problem needing an urgent solution, please contact our call center immediately, where our operators will help you to solve the situation and will arrange an appointment with the appropriate specialist.

Can I ask the physician for consultation on my health condition over the phone?

Within the framework of your card, you have available a 24-hour consulting service over the phone ensuring uninterrupted contact with a nurse and a physician. For 365 days a year you can make calls on phone No. +420 222 300 300 and you will be put through to the Czech and English speaking medical staff.

Can I be vaccinated if I was or still am sick?

For vaccination you should not appear acutely sick. Also physical load on your body, visit of a sauna, solarium or a significant consumption of alcohol are not recommended on the date of application of the vaccination.  Between two vaccinations there should be an interval of at least two weeks. At the time of vaccination you should not take antibiotics.

Are nurses in the clinics allowed to tell me my results of examinations and lab tests?

Results are entered in the system and accessible to all clinics. But nurses may tell patients only results that are within a norm. If there is any deviation, the results shall be discussed with you at first by the MD, who can interpret them adequately and who will agree with you upon a follow-up care.

May I bring my own vaccine from a pharmacy to be applied to me in the clinic?

We are sorry but it is not possible. We can´t apply a vaccine about which we don´t know whether it was kept properly.

Is it possible to get pharmaceuticals directly from the physician in the surgery?

The physician in the surgery can´t give you any medicine, unless this is the necessary medication required by the acute health condition of the patient or unless this is a sample of a medicinal product. In case of home visit by a physician, the physician may provide to the patient a dose of the medicinal product for a period until the patient is able to pick up the medicine in a pharmacy.