We have been attending to our patients already for more than twenty years. We started as První pražská zdravotní, which opened its clinic in Prague in 1994. In 2001 we became a part of supranational group Medicover, the biggest private health care provider in CEE at that time. Joining the Medicover group meant for us further development and we gradually assumed a position of a high-profile medical care provider both in the segment of medical services for employers and in the area of exclusive health services for individual clientele. In 2003, we opened a clinic also in Brno. Two years later, we relocated our Prague clinic to modern facilities in the Prague district Pankrác and in 2008 we opened another Prague clinic in Karlín.

In 2011, we were taken over by a new financial investor. In 2012, this investor provided expansion of the group by takeover of Mediconet including another clinic in the YMCA Palace in Prague. Other three years later, all our facilities were taken over by the healt care provider EUC and a merger with EUC company Kardia operating a vast network of occupational health service clinics and surgeries occurred, giving rise to a company which is the biggest Czech provider of medical services for employers in the Czech Republic and a significant provider of   premium outpatient care for private clients. The process of changes was completed in 2016, when we started using the name EUC Premium.



EUC Premium is a part of the health care provider EUC Group

The EUC Group (formerly EUROCLINICUM) is a private network of medical centres. Every year it is visited by more than a half million of patients and in terms of revenues it is one of the biggest private providers of health care in the Czech Republic. The EUC Group is a long-term provider of the following services: primary and outpatient medical care, health care services for employers, mammographic screening, inpatient services, exclusive paid medical care, laboratory diagnostics and pharmaceutical services. In the segment of outpatient care, the EUC Group is absolutely the biggest entity on the market as well as in the area of health care services for employers and in the field of mammographic screening. Since 2011, the EUC has been owned by Tuffieh Funds SICAV plc., regulated by the Malthesian financial regulator within the framework of the uniform legislation of the EU.